Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ghee / Clarified Butter

After I started to make ghee at home, I stopped buying it at the grocers.  It tastes so good and what else can be better than mom-made ghee for kids? :)(no offense against dads, I've just stereotyped cooking and moms, despite knowing the fact that most of the great chefs are guys! :)) 
But you need to have the time...

Time - 1 hr

  • Unsalted butter

Transfer the unsalted butter cubes into a vessel and let it start melting on medium heat.  Once you see the butter is half-way through in melting, bring down the heat to low.  

Let it cook or boil at this temperature for ~1 hr (yes, that is a lot of our precious time :) )  At the end of 50 - 55 mins, check if the smell of the butter has completely gone, else leave it for another 5-10 mins until the butter smell goes and you get a nice aroma of the ghee.  

Well, you may not smell it in the entire house, you need to peek in the vessel to check this :)  If you get a dark brown color like in the picture, don't worry, it doesn't mean it is burnt.  The aroma of ghee still is intact and fabulous.

Separate the ghee from the foam/tiny solid granules with the help of a strainer. 

Store it in a jar/container and use when needed!
If you are storing it in a plastic container you need to wait until it cools down so that it will not melt the container.  If you are storing it in a glass jar, you can do so after 7-10 mins of cooling.

You can add...
Some of them add turmeric powder due to traditional reasons OR add 3-4 fenugreek seeds(methi seeds) to get a nice aroma.  If so, please go ahead and add either of it.  I do not add anything because, I use it for my daughter in regular meals and also for cooking any sweet dish.

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